A. We’re the makers of only the creamiest real milk ice cream in the country! Check us out here: www.havmor.com
A. Coolest Summer Job is our quest to find the biggest ice cream lover in the country – someone who walks, talks and breathes ice creams. It is a job that makes you a part of our ice cream creation process and expects no experience. You just need a whole lot of love for ice cream and the talent to show it off.
A. The Coolest Summer Job is a 3-day long activity, which will be held at our main factory in Ahmedabad. Chief Tasting Officers will receive a complete itinerary about the same once the entries are selected.
A. No, this isn’t a full-time job. It’s a 3-day activity where the finalised candidates will get to learn about our ice cream making process, both industrially and artistically.
A. Our CTO plays an important role in our product innovation. You will:
  • Ideate, explore and suggest new ingredients.
  • Come up with ideas for new flavours that appeal to our customers.
A. Aside from the prize money of ?50,000/- , we offer you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with some of the best culinary minds in the country. Your skills are of utmost importance to us & we guarantee that your time & efforts will be equivalently compensated for.
A. Your video entry is your opportunity to tell us about your unique self, your love for Ice Creams and what makes you the most deserving candidate. We’re looking for entertaining videos made in the stipulated time limit of 1 minute. You could sing, dance, paint, vlog, cook, click… do anything you want in your video to convince us that you would go to any length to flaunt your love for Ice Creams. The quirkier, the better!

Do remember, the video entry must be posted with the hashtag #CoolestWFHJob.
A. Every ice-cream lover deserves a fair chance at becoming our next Chief Tasting Officer. Hence, the duration of 1 minute is applicable to all. No exceptions. Nonetheless, it’s your shot at showing us just how creative you can get within the time limit. Good luck!
A. Once we receive your entry, you will get an email from us. You can view the selected entries in the gallery section of our website.
A. Yes, only Indian residents can participate in the Coolest Summer WFH Job.
A. As the Season 4 finale of the Coolest WFH Job will be held entirely online, we suggest that you have a good network/internet connection and a laptop to stay connected with us throughout the day.
A. All the selected winners will be informed about their role prior to the finale by us.
A. No. The prize money for the Coolest WFH Job will be transferred by us to you online, post tax deduction.
A. This is a part time job and you wouldn’t need to quit your current job to join us. However, we’d need your presence for two whole days at the final event, and suggest that you inform your employer regarding the same.
A. You can’t find out without applying, so get going and see for yourself!