terms & conditions

The following are the terms & conditions (“Terms”) for The Coolest Summer Job Season 5, so please read them well:

1. CSJ Season 5 (“The Coolest Summer Job”) is hosted and offered by Havmor Ice Creams Pvt Ltd (“Havmor”).

2. The Coolest Summer Job is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with any social media platforms whatsoever.

3. The number of “Chief Tasting Officers” and the successful candidates will be chosen by Havmor as per their discretion. The decision of Havmor will be final and binding. So, bring on your coolest game.

4. We’ll be accepting application videos, just like the other seasons, so you’ve time till 30th June, 2022 to send in your best job application video. If you submit your video after 15th June, it won’t be eligible for consideration.

5. The only applications we'll be accepting are the form on this website along with your video entry. Any other way of applying for The Coolest Summer Job will not be accepted.

6. Havmor reserves the right to use any information you provide, including name, public profile pictures, entries, other details on social media platforms for shout-outs, promotions, and announcements.

7. Havmor may cancel, change, or substitute The Coolest Summer Job or the Terms at any point in time without any prior notice.

8. Important! If you are lactose intolerant, we are truly sorry that you won’t be able to apply for The Coolest Summer Job or enjoy our pure milk ice creams. If you are chosen as our Chief Tasting Officers and have any other health conditions, medications consumed, or allergies, they need to be brought to our notice prior to the assignment If the same are not disclosed to Havmor, Havmor shall not be liable for any health issues which may arise.

9. The finalised candidates shall be subject to accepting Covid-19 protocols of Havmor. By applying to CSJ, it shall mean that the applicant, hereby, expressly waives any rights against and release and hold harmless Havmor and any of its officers, employees, affiliates, agents and assigns from and against any and all liabilities arise out of applicant’s participation for the CSJ including but not limited to any such liability arising out of illness, injury, or death associated with infection of Covid-19 or complications, symptoms, or other effects resulting from contracting Covid-19.

10. Havmor can disqualify any applicant at any stage that is in any way inappropriate or submitted by fake profiles.

11. You must be 18 years of age or above to apply.

12. If you get shortlisted for the job, please contact the official Facebook page of Havmor Ice Cream Ltd. through a personal inbox message immediately.

13. In the unfortunate case that you choose to back out after being shortlisted, we will be selecting the next suitable candidate to fill in the vacancy.

14. All finalised candidates will be working from home for two days and shall make themselves available as per the schedule given by Havmor. The finalised candidates shall take leave from their current work commitments for the days as provided by Havmor.

15. It shall be mandatory for all finalized candidates to have a laptop, and good internet connectivity with enough bandwidth.

16. For tasting of ice creams, Havmor will be home delivering the ice creams to the homes of the finalised candidates.

17. The finalised candidates who actively takes part in the CSJ project will get free ice cream coupons worth Rs. 15,600/- which can be redeemed by the finalised candidate up to one year from start of the contest.

18. Havmor is not liable for any technical issues/difficulty/delay in submission of the application form/video entry.

19. Things not in our control include difficulties due to hardware equipment failure, configuration issue, network congestion, or due to changes in regulations carried out by TRAI, RBI, DoT, or any other regulatory body.

20. The Terms of The Coolest Summer Job are governed by Indian Laws. Any and all disputes, controversies and conflicts (“Disputes”) arising out of the job shall be referred for Arbitration to a Sole Arbitrator to be appointed by Havmor, whose decision shall be final and binding on all. The place of arbitration shall be Ahmedabad. The Courts at Ahmedabad shall have the exclusive jurisdiction in respect of all the subject matter with relation to The Coolest Summer Job.

21. All taxes/levies on or in connection with the prizes will be the responsibility of the winners.

22. The winners shall not assign or transfer the prize and shall not be entitled to any compensation whether in cash or kind.

23. The date of announcing the result of the contest will be decided by Havmor.

24. No future correspondence will be entertained with respect to date of announcing the results of the contest and/or prize distribution.

25. The employees of Havmor, their advertising agencies, associates and their relatives are not eligible for this contest.

26. If video entries will be multiple, we will consider last video entry.

“Applying for The Coolest Summer Job is purely voluntary & optional. By submitting your application, you, as a candidate, are deemed to have accepted these Terms.” – Our lawyer.

“Best of luck, ice-cream lovers!” – Team Havmor.